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Danny Demysh
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation

I'm a professional character designer for TV animation with 9+ years of experience. I'm also a "tradigital" animator with classical training. I've most recently worked on "Grojband" and the latest season of the Total Drama Island series. I'm currently Designer/Posing artist Fresh TV's "The Ridonculous Race".

I always read comments, but don't always get around to responding.  If you really want to get in touch with me about anything at all, please feel free to send me a note.  I don't bite.  :P

You can check out some of my professional work at the link below:

Commissions Are Open

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 31, 2015, 11:16 AM

Hi folks!

I’m making myself available for commissions because I could use the extra money, ya know? Also, Borscht is tasty.  Have a gander below at what I’m offering and for how much!   Have a gander below at what I’m offering and for how much!  Please also read everything below the images… CHEERS!

Daemonysh Commissions Option 1 by DAEM0NYSH
Daemonysh Commissions Options 2 'n 3 by DAEM0NYSH

Please read through the following points to keep in mind:

- I accept payment through Paypal ONLY in Canadian Dollars.  Please make sure the proper currency conversions are in place if you live outside of Canada.

- I will only start working on your commission once payment is received.

- My goal is to give myself up 30 days to complete each commission once payment is received.  If you require completion by a certain date, let me know so we can work something out!

- I ask that you provide good reference(s) for the character(s) you want me to draw.  If all you have is a written description, that’s fine.  Any written refs should be concise and to the point.

- Please know ahead of time what it is you want me to draw.  I like having creative freedom like figuring out interesting poses for your character, but I’d rather not have to decide what character to draw for you if you can’t pick just one.  

Example: “Oh man, I can’t decide if I want you to draw Roger or Todd… or maybe Amelia?  I dunno… you decide!  Whichever one you like more, just draw that one!”

O_O; So when I chose, I apparently chose wrong, because the client decided they wanted Roger instead of Todd half way through the drawing process.  Yikes!  Not fun… it’s actually a waste of my time to deal with. LOL!  Like I said, just know what you want, that’s all. 

- I’ll show you my works in progress to make sure you’re happy with the direction I’m going.  You’re welcome to provide feedback for changes as I’m working in the rough phases, but once your drawing moves to the final phase be aware that changes may be time consuming and more difficult, so you may be charged extra from that point on for those changes.

- When your commission is complete, you’ll receive the full scale digital PNG via email

- If, when the piece is 100% complete, you’re suddenly not happy with my work, I’m afraid that I will not be offering any refunds.  It’s your responsibility to requests changes during my works in progress and keep a dialogue going should I have any questions for you along the way.  This work takes a lot of time and energy, so if by this point you REALLY want me to overhaul the drawing, then you’re going to have to pay for another commission. Full price.  No exceptions.

- I will not send you the Photoshop files or mail original sketches. 

- Since the piece is still my artwork, I reserve the right to post these commissions to my Tumblr, DeviantART page, Flickr account, etc… however since YOU retain the right to your character, you will be credited accordingly.  Your commission will not be sold to anyone else but you. 

- Your completed commission must NOT be mass produced and sold for your own financial gain.  If this is something you’re planning to do, then I’d be happy to discuss an official business plan for my cut of the profits.

- If you re-post your piece, use it as an avatar, etc, please credit me in some way just out of courtesy.

What I’m willing to draw:

- Any character you own, any species

- I’m happy to draw your pets from photo references

- Fan characters (eg a Lion King FC or your RPG characters)

- Tasteful nudity.  Mild sexuality.  Violence.  Blood.

What I’m not willing to draw:

- Pornographic content that would make your grandmother faint

- Excessive gore

- Fetishes (vore, inflation, etc… just not comfortable with it, sorry!)

- Basically any content that could be considered hugely offensive to anyone

- Fan Art (though I’m cool with Fan Characters as stated above… just own the character!)

Final Notes:

-Sorry if any of this seems harsh.  I’m just trying to cover my ass as best as I can.

- My pricing is fair.  I’m a professional character designer / animator with 10 years of industry experience under my belt, along with 32 years worth of raw drawing experience.  If you feel like I should be charging less for what you’re getting, then feel free to get a commission from someone else.  I won’t be offended.  What I will be offended by is having my prices argued.  If you must, however, contact me privately, but know that my prices aren’t up for negotiation.


- If you’re interested in commissioning me, email me at OR send me a note via DeviantArt.  I won’t accept commissions via the comments section here.

- Feel free to ask me any questions if you have ‘em.  I'm not scary and I don’t bite… usually.  I’m a nice person, honest! LOL!

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